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Orchard Court, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge: An Archaeological Investigation

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Hutton, Jacqui 


An archaeological excavation and watching brief was undertaken on land at Murray Edwards College (formally known as New Hall College), Cambridgeshire, (TL 439 595) on a Development Area located approximately 1.5km northwest from the centre of Cambridge. The archaeological investigations targeted the two areas of the development; the first area (Area 1) was located on the northwest side of the existing Grove Lodge, where the proposed works comprised the construction of a fire-escape spiral stairway, a car park and tree planting. The second area (Area 2) was at the eastern end of the building where an external fire-escape spiral stairway was to be constructed. Area 1 started as a trench and was widened to a small excavation area, whilst the second area comprised a watching brief where contexts were investigated and recorded when archaeological features were encountered. In Area 1 eight features were recorded, although only five were deemed to be of archaeological interest; the remaining three were modern features such as a pathway. The archaeological features consisted of three ditches, one pit and a roadway surface dated to the Roman period. The roadway surface was also recorded in Area 2.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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