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Mediceae Familiae Rerum Feliciter Gestarum Victoriae et Triumphi (Title Page)



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Title page to a series of twenty-one prints on the military deeds of Giovanni de' Medici, Mediceae Familiae Rerum feliciter gestarum Victoriae et Triumphi (1583); at centre a cartouche lettered with title and authors; a coat of arms surmounting the cartouche and four captives seen at top and bottom of the cartouche; the Medici coat of arms seen on both sides with various military motives, including armoury; with dedication to Ambrosius of Marienbourg. Lettered cartouche at centre with title and with inscription attributing the design of the prints to Stradanus and authorship and publication ('incisa et edita') to Philips Galle. The inscription below the title reads: 'Ingenio et genio nobili dno Ambrosio Marienbergo, omnis generis picturae et elegantiarum admiratori, Philipp. Gallaeus L.M. dedicabat.'


Ingenuity: Ingenium, Ingenuity: Genius, Ingenuity: Sinrijk, Ingenuity: Geest, Trophy, Slave, Cartouche, Ornament

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