The Impact of Rural Land on the Life Satisfaction of Farming Women: Evidence from China

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Arestis, P 
Zhang, S 
Liu, Y 

jats:pThis study investigates the impact of rural land on the life satisfaction of rural-farming women with a modified institutional analysis and development (IAD) framework as the theoretical framework. The research sample is composed of data acquired from surveys of thirty-six randomly selected villages in three provinces in China. The main findings include that the quality of the cultivated land, embodied in the cultivated land location and the land cultivation facilities, has an impact on the life satisfaction of rural-farming women; agreeable living conditions can improve the life satisfaction of rural-farming women; and the well-being status of rural-farming women also has an impact on their life satisfaction, but there are differences in this impact. The objective factors, such as household cash and savings, farming income, and farming time, also have inconsistent effects on the life satisfaction of rural-farming women. This study bridges the gap and explains the land-related factors, which have an impact on rural women farmers, and brings attention to this group of people who are easily overlooked.</jats:p>


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rural-farming women, life satisfaction, IAD framework
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Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality (20200813100254001)
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