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The Oxytocin Receptor Gene ( OXTR) and Face Recognition.

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Verhallen, Roeland J 
Bosten, Jenny M 
Goodbourn, Patrick T 
Lawrance-Owen, Adam J 
Bargary, Gary 


A recent study has linked individual differences in face recognition to rs237887, a single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of the oxytocin receptor gene ( OXTR; Skuse et al., 2014). In that study, participants were assessed using the Warrington Recognition Memory Test for Faces, but performance on Warrington's test has been shown not to rely purely on face recognition processes. We administered the widely used Cambridge Face Memory Test-a purer test of face recognition-to 370 participants. Performance was not significantly associated with rs237887, with 16 other SNPs of OXTR that we genotyped, or with a further 75 imputed SNPs. We also administered three other tests of face processing (the Mooney Face Test, the Glasgow Face Matching Test, and the Composite Face Test), but performance was never significantly associated with rs237887 or with any of the other genotyped or imputed SNPs, after corrections for multiple testing. In addition, we found no associations between OXTR and Autism-Spectrum Quotient scores.



Autism-Spectrum Quotient, Cambridge Face Memory Test, OXTR, face recognition, oxytocin receptor gene, rs237887, Adolescent, Adult, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Face, Female, Genotype, Humans, Male, Memory, Oxytocin, Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide, Receptors, Oxytocin, Recognition, Psychology, Social Behavior, Young Adult

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Psychol Sci

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