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Web-based self-management for young cancer survivors: consideration of user requirements and barriers to implementation.

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Moody, Louise 
Turner, Andrew 
Osmond, Jane 
Hooker, Louise 
Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna  ORCID logo


PURPOSE: As the population of young cancer survivors increases, there is a need to develop alternative ways of providing post-treatment support. Online systems potentially offer self-management and e-learning support following cancer treatment. This research aims to explore the self-management support needs of teenage and young adult cancer survivors and consider whether those needs can be met through a web-based self-management resource. METHODS: A mixed methods approach was adopted including an online survey (n = 24), focus groups and interviews with teenage and young adult cancer survivors (n = 7) and interviews with parents of survivors (n = 6), information technology specialists (n = 8) and clinical, nursing and social work professionals (n = 11). RESULTS: All stakeholders were supportive of web-based self-management to meet information and support needs that would supplement continued direct interaction with clinical staff. Barriers to implementation were identified in terms of risks to young people, governance issues and the challenges of providing a long-term service. CONCLUSION: Computer access and use amongst teenagers and young adults is commonplace, and there is an expectation that self-management needs will be met at least partially online in the future. There is a desire for online social support through peer interaction as well personal developmental and clinical management. These elements may need to be run through different systems to cater for governance requirements. IMPLICATIONS FOR CANCER SURVIVORS: An online self-management system could provide support at a number of different levels. The barriers to implementation should be addressed, to ensure that survivors can be supported in this way in the future.



Adolescent, Adult, Age Factors, Communication Barriers, Health Plan Implementation, Health Services Needs and Demand, Humans, Internet, Neoplasms, Parents, Self Care, Social Support, Surveys and Questionnaires, Survivors, User-Computer Interface, Young Adult

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J Cancer Surviv

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