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Research data supporting "A microsimulation of spatial inequality in energy access: A Bayesian multi-level modelling approach for urban India"

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OVERVIEW This dataset contains data from a survey of low income households in four cities across south India. This fileset includes a guidance document on how the data was collected and how to interpret and use the data. The survey data was collected between April-June 2019. A team of 11 survey enumerators and researchers were involved in the data collection which was collected through a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. Data collection for this project received ethical approval from both the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge and Indian Institute for Human Settlements. This anonymised dataset is being released to allow full use by others.

DATASET CONTENTS This dataset contains the following files:

  • Indian_Low_Income_Household_Energy_Survey_Codebook.pdf
  • south_indian_household_energy_survey_19.csv
  • south_indian_household_energy_survey_19.Rda
  • README.txt Data contained in the csv files is the same as data contained in the Rda file.

HOW TO USE All csv files can be opened using any appropriate software. Rdata script files must be opened and run using R. We recommend using RStudio and R version 3.5.1 (“Feather Spray”) or later.

This survey followed the same methodology and as an earlier survey of low-income households in Bangalore, India. The dataset from this earlier survey can be found at:

This dataset was used as external validation dataset for a microsimulation of cooking fuel use in India cities. Code for the microsimulation model can be found in the following GitHub repository:


Software / Usage instructions

Files available as csv or Rda. Rda file requires R and is best manipulated using RStudio.


India, Urban, Households, Residential Energy Demand, Urban Poor


EPSRC (1817347)
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