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Research data supporting "Organic diode rectifiers based on high performance conjugated polymer for near-field energy harvesting circuit"

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Higgins, SG 
Agostinelli, T 
Markham, S 
Whiteman, R 
Sirringhaus, Henning  ORCID logo


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***************************************** *** OPEN DATA METADATA *** ***************************************** Title: Organic diode rectifiers based on high performance conjugated polymer for near-field energy harvesting circuit Authors: Stuart G. Higgins Tiziano Agostinelli Steve Markham Robert Whiteman Henning Sirringhaus Corresponding Author Details: Prof. H. Sirringhaus Cavendish Laboratory University of Cambridge J. J. Thomson Avenue Cambridge CB3 0HE United Kingdom Corresponding Author Email: Date This File Created: 07/09/2017 ***************************************** data_files: figure_1b_S9.opj figure_2.opj figure_3a_S3.opj figure_3b_3d.opj figure_S1.opj figure_S4.opj figure_S5.opj figure_S6.opj figure_S7.opj Description: Origin Pro 9.3 project files, contains original data used to contstruct plot, plus formatting information. exported_data: <figure folder>/<data file>.csv Description: Multiple csv (ASCII) files containing all of the exported data contained in the Origin Pro project files above, for forward compatibility. All files are sorted into subfolders for each figure/subset. image_files: figure_1.png figure_2.png figure_3.png figure_S1.png figure_S2.png figure_S3.png figure_S4.png figure_S5.png figure_S6.png figure_S7.png figure_S8.png figure_S9.png figure_TOC.png Description: High resolution image files of figures. ***************************************** Specialist Software Information: Plots (.opg files) were constructed in OriginLab's OriginPro 2016 (version 9.3.2), available from: OriginLab Corporation, At the time of writing free data file viewer software (Origin Viewer 9.4.1) is available from: *****************************************


Organic rectfying diodes


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