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The role of iliocapsularis in hip pathology: a scoping review.

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Khokher, Zakir H 
Kuroda, Yuichi 


The iliocapsularis is a relatively unheard-of muscle, located deep in the hip covering the anteromedial capsule of the hip joint. Little is known about this constant muscle despite its clinical relevance. The aims of this scoping review are to collate the various research studies reporting on the detailed anatomy and function of iliocapsularis and to demonstrate how inter-individual differences in iliocapsularis can be used as a clinical adjunct in guiding diagnosis and treatment of certain hip joint pathologies. A computer-assisted literature search was conducted based on Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines. Our review found 13 studies including 384 cases meeting our inclusion criteria. About 53.8% of the studies involved human cadavers. The current scoping review indicates the relevant anatomy of the iliocapsularis, being a small muscle which arises from the inferior border of the anterior inferior iliac spine and anteromedial capsule of the hip joint, inserting distal to the lesser trochanter. Therefore, based upon these anatomical attachments, iliocapsularis acts as a dynamic stabilizer by tightening the anterior capsule of the hip joint. Implications of this association may be that the muscle is hypertrophied in dysplastic or unstable hips. Determining the size of the iliocapsularis could be of conceivable use in patients with hip symptoms featuring signs of both borderline hip dysplasia and subtle cam-type deformities. Although future research is warranted, this study will aid physicians to understand the clinical importance of the iliocapsularis.



32 Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, 3202 Clinical Sciences, Chronic Pain, Pain Research, Musculoskeletal

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J Hip Preserv Surg

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