Holy Trinity Church, CambridgeArchaeological Excavation and Monitoring 2016-2017

Change log
Newman, Richard 

An archaeological excavation and associated monitoring programme was conducted at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge, between October 2016 and September 2017. The earliest features to be encountered were medieval in date. Along with an early 12th-century gravecover, a series of contemporary pits were identified; their presence suggests that the earliest iteration of the church, predating the present standing building, may have been situated further to the west. In addition, three phases of 19th to 20th-century vestry structure were investigated and a total of seventeen articulated burials encountered. Of these, two were medieval in date, seven were 17th to early 19th-century in origin and had been interred within earth-fast graves and eight had been buried within early 19th century brick-built burial vaults. One of the latter individuals had been autopsied, while another was interred with jewellery.

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