Fixed-order and merged parton-shower predictions for WW and WWj production at the LHC including NLO QCD and EW corrections

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Bräuer, Stephan 
Denner, Ansgar 
Schönherr, Marek 
Schumann, Steffen 

Abstract: First, we present a combined analysis of pp →μ+vμe−v¯e and pp →μ+vμe−v¯ej at next-to-leading order, including both QCD and electroweak corrections. Second, we provide all-order predictions for pp →μ+vμe−v¯e+jets using merged parton-shower simulations that also include approximate EW effects. A fully inclusive sample for WW production is compared to the fixed-order computations for exclusive zero- and one-jet selections. The various higher-order effects are studied in detail at the level of cross sections and differential distributions for realistic experimental set-ups. Our study confirms that merged predictions are significantly more stable than the fixed-order ones in particular regarding ratios between the two processes.

Regular Article - Theoretical Physics, NLO Computations, QCD Phenomenology
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Journal of High Energy Physics
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg