Aldborough Roman Coin Lists

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Brickstock, Richard 

These full coin catalogues form part of the research archive connected with the Aldborough Roman Town Project and the book Isurium Brigantum: an archaeological survey of Roman Aldborough by Rose Ferraby and Martin Millett.

The catalogues were researched and written by Richard Brickstock and relate directly to his publication of the coins from the site: Roman coins from Aldborough: a Re-Assessment and Overview by Richard Brickstock Yorkshire Archaeological Journal Vol 91 (2019) (DOI:10.1080/00844276.2019.1607672)

Separate coin lists are provided for different assemblages as follows: List 1. Collections of the Lawson-Tancred family of Aldborough Manor as originally published in Wade, W.V. (1953) ‘Coins from Aldborough, Boroughbridge, Yorkshire – Isurium Brigantum’, Numismatic Chronicle 1953, 132-34 Lists 1A and 1B. Hitherto unpublished additional coins from the Lawson-Tancred collection. The coins in Lists 1, 1A and 1B include the material from the excavations undertaken in the Manor Gardens (Ferraby and Millett Gazetteer nos G8–G11, G19–G23).

List 2. The coins found during excavation of the defences of the town in the 1930s (Ferraby and Millett Gazetteer nos G34, G39–43).

List 3. Excavation finds from the 1960s (Ferraby and Millett Gazetteer nos G47–G49 and G51–G53).

List 4. A collection of coins from Aldborough - The ‘Lodge’ collection, said to have been found at Aldborough. There is no further information on their provenance. They were donated to the Wetherby and District Historical Society in the early 1960s or thereabouts and handed over to Aldborough Museum in 1990 by Dr Lodge, then President of the Society, on their behalf.

List 5. A group of nearly three hundred metal-detected finds recovered by local resident Jon Beavis-Harrison and catalogued in 1989. These are all definitely local finds, with many precise locations recorded by the finder.

List 6. Coins recovered during field-walking by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society in the 1980s and 1990s. See Dobinson, C, Ferraby, R, Lucas, J, Millett, M and Wallace, L 2018. ‘Archaeological field-survey in the environs of Aldborough (Isurium Brigantum)’, Yorks Archaeol J, 90, 29–58

List 7. A collection of coins recently deposited with English Heritage, 39 of them Roman. The collection is from the estate of the late Roy Pearson, bequeathed by him to the Aldborough Museum (English Heritage) in 1995. He owned Castle House, Back Street in Aldborough (SE 4065 6629) and the land leading back to the town wall and it seems reasonable to assume that the coins are also local finds.

List 8. A collection of coins from the garden of Aldborough Dairy (SE 4053 6636) collected by its long-term occupant Aidan Foster.

List 9. Coins from the Cambridge University excavations of 2016 and 2017 (Ferraby and Millett Gazetteer nos G104 and G105 respectively) with associated items. The 1770 find is from Ferraby and Millett Gazetteer no G6, whilst SF7 comes from Ferraby and Millett Gazetteer no 50 (‘The Castle’) nearby.

List 10. Coins from the Cambridge University excavations of 2018 (Ferraby and Millett Gazetteer no 106).

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