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Banerjee, Ema 
Clark, Thomas 

In the past twenty years, the experimental approach to the study of meaning has reached a substantial level of awareness of itself as a sub-discipline at the intersection of linguistics and psychology with connections to neuroscience and philosophy, which have led to a recognisable label, ‘experimental pragmatics’ or ‘XPrag’. A milestone is the first monograph in the discipline, ‘Experimental Pragmatics: The Making of a Cognitive Science’, by Ira Noveck, a researcher who can be credited perhaps more than anyone with the flourishing of this area. The book does not aim to be a comprehensive textbook, nor is it an in-depth investigation of a few well-chosen case-studies. It is a blend of the two together along with Noveck’s autobiographical reflections and insights from his own career in the field. It is a book rich in facts as well as in opinions, as Noveck makes clear at the start and the very end too.

52 Psychology, 5204 Cognitive and Computational Psychology, 4704 Linguistics, 47 Language, Communication and Culture
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Journal of Pragmatics
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