City Wide Adhan as heard from near Masgid Sheikh Abdullah on 08-14-2010 at 3:44am: ‘Fajr Adhan

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Audio recordings from 10 locations in Cairo representing the city-wide call to prayer (over 30,000 muezzins reciting each of the 5 times per day) as heard from each area/neighbourhood, with supporting photographs of the locations and what is seen from said location. (While each of the 10 locations generally only has one adhan represented here, the Gamaliya location has more elaborate documentation)


Five times a day in the 83 square mile city of Cairo, over 30,000 muezzins call out the adhan, or call to prayer, calling believers to come and to pray. This Fajr (dawn) adhan was recorded near the Sheikh Abdullah Mosque in the neighbourhood of Gamaliya in Islamic Cairo. The recording captures the voices of the muezzins of Cairo, all of whose calls begin a few seconds apart from one another. The muezzins calling from far away mosques and mosques closest to location can be heard: please control the volume accordingly.

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Muezzin, Adhan, Cairo, Egypt, Ethnomusicology, Islam, Mosque, Sacred music, Call to prayer, Ancient tradition
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