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Research data supporting Understanding the Photoluminescence Quenching of Liquid Exfoliated WS2 Monolayers

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The dataset comprises Origin files that contain the data underlying the figures in the manuscript. The data can be easily traced from the respective spectra in the same Origin file. Origin file "fig 2" contains both the raw data, normalized data, fitting data and absorption and photoluminescence spectra used in Figure 2. The absorption spectra are fitted to the second derivative of two Lorenzians after smoothing the spectrum with the Lowess method. Book 4 in the Origin file "fig 2" is a summary of the parameters and equations used in the fitting process. The x-axis is the wavelength (nm) and y-axis is the count. Different samples are all labelled in the first row for both raw and normalized absorption and photoluminescence data. Origin file "fig 3 a,b" contains both the raw data, normalized data, pump-probe spectra and kinetics used in Figure 3. The x-axis (col(a)) is the wavelength (nm) for pump-probe spectra, and equation "col(a)-315" is used to define the time 0 in the manuscript. The different time is labelled in the first row. The x-axis is the time (fs) for kinetics. The names for x and y axis for data in figure 4 are labelled in the first row.


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