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Archaeological Evaluation at the Junction of Union Lane and High Street, Chesterton, Cambridge: The Phase II Site



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Masser, Paul 


A trench-based evaluation was carried out by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit on a plot of land at the junction of High Street and Union Lane, Chesterton. The area evaluated lies across the road from a recently-developed site (the Phase 1 site) on which previous excavations have revealed a sequence of settlement activity dating back to the 12th century. The evaluation revealed a number of ditches and quarry pits of medieval date, though the density of features does appear to be less than on the Phase 1 site. Although buildings (now demolished) were constructed on both the street frontages in the late 19th century, their foundations do not appear to have disturbed the archaeologically significant levels except on the High Street frontage, where a backfilled cellar was encountered.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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