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Design Space Visualization (DS-Viz) example dataset

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Crilly, Nathan 


This dataset contains solutions for a game-based design task using the game Poly Bridge 2.

The data made available in this dataset comprises solutions from four participants who took part in a lab-based experiment and 100 player solutions that were submitted to the game's online gallery.

The experimental design and protocol can be found on ( The four participants whose solutions are reported here were excluded from the main experiment sample because they have had played the game previously, but their solutions are still valid to the purpose of the creation of the design space visualisations.

Dataset structure: this dataset includes different sheets with information that is used in the DS-Viz method. The sheets are the following:

  • data: sheet with the main pool of data, with the evaluation of each solution.

  • ColorScheme: sheet with the color information for each participant/gallery solutions.

  • Gower_Weight: sheet with the specification of each dimensions' weights for the Gower distance calculation.

  • Jaccard_Weight: sheet with the specification of the Jaccard distance weights. - dimensions: detailed explanation of each dimension that are used to characterise the solutions.


Software / Usage instructions

MS Excel. Accompanying code can be found:


Design Cretivity, Design Space


This work was supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK) in the form of a Doctoral Training Programme award (RG105266/EP/T517847/1).