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Bio‐assembling Macro‐Scale, Lumenized Airway Tubes of Defined Shape via Multi‐Organoid Patterning and Fusion

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Liu, Ye 
Dabrowska, Catherine 
Mavousian, Antranik 
Strauss, Bernhard 
Meng, Fanlong 


Abstract: Epithelial, stem‐cell derived organoids are ideal building blocks for tissue engineering, however, scalable and shape‐controlled bio‐assembly of epithelial organoids into larger and anatomical structures is yet to be achieved. Here, a robust organoid engineering approach, Multi‐Organoid Patterning and Fusion (MOrPF), is presented to assemble individual airway organoids of different sizes into upscaled, scaffold‐free airway tubes with predefined shapes. Multi‐Organoid Aggregates (MOAs) undergo accelerated fusion in a matrix‐depleted, free‐floating environment, possess a continuous lumen, and maintain prescribed shapes without an exogenous scaffold interface. MOAs in the floating culture exhibit a well‐defined three‐stage process of inter‐organoid surface integration, luminal material clearance, and lumina connection. The observed shape stability of patterned MOAs is confirmed by theoretical modelling based on organoid morphology and the physical forces involved in organoid fusion. Immunofluorescent characterization shows that fused MOA tubes possess an unstratified epithelium consisting mainly of tracheal basal stem cells. By generating large, shape‐controllable organ tubes, MOrPF enables upscaled organoid engineering towards integrated organoid devices and structurally complex organ tubes.



Full Paper, Full Papers, bio‐assembly, organoids, respiratory system, tissue engineering, tissue morphogenesis

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Advanced Science

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European Research Council (758865, 679411)
Wellcome Trust (107633/Z/15/Z)