Parliament at Hongo - Florida - Solomon Group

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206 x 151 mm. A view showing Rev. Palmer addressing the assembled locals at the annual Parliament, with Bishop Montgomery standing at his side. This photograph, taken by Dr. Welchman on September 21st, is used as an illustration in Montgomery's 'The light of Melanesia', where the Parliament is described: 'Let us imagine the scene. Under the shade of cocoanut palms and bananas, the sunlight throwing chequered shadows over the hard-beaten earth, there clustered rows of natives; the chiefs, with Tambukoro at their head, sat upon a form, looking most inelegant in European clothing. Their lowlier companions, clad chiefly in brown skin - and much more attractive in consequence - sat on the ground. In front of a bamboo house a kitchen table was placed, and, I believe there was even a table cloth. Behind it in the place of honour, as speaker and chairman, sat Palmer, looking wise and venerable with his white beard. Next to him I was placed, and the other clergy sat close by. Then up rose Palmer and opened the session. I had to follow... (Montgomery, H.H (1896), 'The light of Melanesia'. London: SPCK, p.214).

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