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Embodied aspects of intercultural pragmatic competence:investigating the effects of using authentic video-based materials on confidence, fluency and accuracyin a Year 10 mixed-attainment language class



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Archer, Wendy 


This paper reports on a proposed research project designed to explore the impact of using a video-baseddrama-inspiredintervention to improve levels of confidence, fluency and accuracy in relation to spoken French. Using anAction Research (AR) approach involving a sequence of 3lessons, Year 10 students of French working towards Higher-and Foundation-level GCSE were to be exposed to authentic video-based materials and invited to perform in a Conversational Shadowing activity and a process-drama exercise.Students’ confidence in relation to decoding and encoding of non-/paraverbal cues would be measured alongside the effects of the intervention on accuracy and fluency.Measures would include students’ perceptions of their own confidence and performance (to be assessed by pre-and post-viewing self-assessment tasks) and subjective teacher evaluations based on GCSE assessment criteria. The following offers a review of relevant literature and describes the proposed methodology. Anticipated findings and implications of the study for professional practice and the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) are discussed.



PGCE Modern Foreign Languages, French, video-based materials, confidence, fluency, accuracy, Year 10

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Journal of Trainee Teacher Educational Research

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