Research data supporting "Climate Projections Very Likely Underestimate Future Volcanic Forcing and its Climatic Effects"

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Chim, Man Mei 

This dataset contains research data that supports the publication "Climate Projections Very Likely Underestimate Future Volcanic Forcing and its Climatic Effects".

This dataset contains (1) 1000-member of stochastic future eruption scenarios from 2015 to 2100, generated from resampling historical eruption records from ice-cores and satellites; and (2) annual time series data of climate variables output from the UKESM-VPLUME modelling framework. The data variables include global mean surface temperature (in K), global mean stratospheric aerosol optical depth, global net radiative forcing at the top-of-the-atmosphere (in W/m²), global ocean heat content (in J), global precipitation (in mm/day), global sea level (in m), global sea ice extent (in km²), and the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26ºN (in Sv).

The stochastic scenarios are stored in HDF5 format. The annual time series data of each variable is stored as a zip file, which contains the data files for 8 different eruption scenarios (NOVOLC, CONST VOLC, VOLC2.5, VOLC50-1, VOLC50-2, VOLC50-1S, VOLC50-2S, VOLC98) in netcdf format. In each data file, annual data of the above listed climate variables (3 ensemble members) are included. Please refer to the publication for details of the eruption scenarios.

Software / Usage instructions
This work used Monsoon2, a collaborative High-Performance Computing facility funded by the Met Office and the Natural Environment Research Council, and JASMIN, the UK collaborative data analysis facility.
Climate modelling, JASMIN, Monsoon2, UKESM, Volcanic aerosols