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Spatially Resolved Optical Efficiency Measurements of Luminescent Solar Concentrators.

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Xiao, James 
Drummond, Bluebell H  ORCID logo


Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) are able to concentrate both direct and diffuse solar radiation, and this ability has led to great interest in using them to improve solar energy capture when coupled to traditional photovoltaics (PV). In principle, a large-area LSC could concentrate light onto a much smaller area of PV, thus reducing costs or enabling new architectures. However, LSCs suffer from various optical losses which are hard to quantify using simple measurements of power conversion efficiency. Here, we show that spatially resolved photoluminescence quantum efficiency measurements on large-area LSCs can be used to resolve various loss processes such as out-coupling, self-absorption via emitters, and self-absorption from the LSC matrix. Further, these measurements allow for the extrapolation of device performance to arbitrarily large LSCs. Our results provide insight into the optimization of optical properties and guide the design of future LSCs for improved solar energy capture.



energy, efficiency, concentration, quantumefficiency, photovoltaics, solar, luminescent solarconcentrator, LSC, optical efficiency

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ACS Photonics

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American Chemical Society (ACS)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/L015978/1)
European Research Council (758826)