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Engaging Students with Research Data Management: The Modular Approach

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Sewell, CE 


As academic libraries work to adapt to the 21st century researcher environment it is inevitable that the forms of instruction they offer to their graduate students will also evolve. The Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge University Library was formed in 2015 as a joint initiative between the Library and the Research Office with a remit to support the University in its promotion of Cambridge research output. Since its inception the Office of Scholarly Communication has established an extensive and successful educational programme for both students and staff covering the area of scholarly communication. Data literacy is one such area which is of growing importance to both the student and research community. The ability to manage the many forms of data produced by through study and research is a vital skill and one in which libraries are uniquely qualified to provide instruction. This workshop will introduce the methods used by the OSC to engage its attendees on the topic of research data management and provide a chance for participants to gain hands-on experience of a session. After an introduction to the situation at Cambridge and an explanation of the preceding modules in the workshop, participants will work through one module (approximately 15 minutes) of a longer workshop offered by the Office of Scholarly Communication. This will introduce them to the concept of using mix and match modules to teach a complex subject. Following this there will be small group work where participants will evaluate this approach and work to adapt one of the modules to their own work environment. Participants will then be invited to feed this back into a larger group discussion. The session will conclude with the workshop leader offering strategies to ensure both student and faculty engagement with scholarly communication topics.



scholarly communication, research support, librarianship, library and information science

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LILAC 2017

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