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Research data supporting "Non-Planar Geometrical Effects on the Magnetoelectrical Signal in a Three-Dimensional Nanomagnetic Circuit"

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This dataset contains 5 folders:

Folder 1: "001_Fabrication stream file"

The file "G3_w50_w500_gr011_theta025.str" is a text file containing the exposure instructions imported into the electron microscope to perform the exposure. The first column of this file represents exposure time, the second gives the x position of the beam in pixel units and the third column gives the y position of the beam in pixel units.

Folder 2: "002_Micromagnetic(magnumfe)"

This folder contains: 1) One .pvd file which represents the geometry of the 3D bridge 2) Ten .vtu files, which are visualisation of the magnetisation profiles in Paraview of 3D nanonbridge for field applied from 0 -90 degree simulated from Magnum.fe

Folder 3: "003_SEM Characterisation"

This folder contains 2 SEM micrographs of the structure studied with at two different angles as described in the Supporting Information.

Folder 4: "004_Magneto transport data"

This folder contains the ten .txt files which are the the full dataset of magneto-transport measurements results for field applied from 0-90 degree.

Folder 6: "005_Macrospin and FEM results"

This folder contains: 1) One .stl file which is the 3D model used in the FEM simulation 2) '001_data_macrospin.mat' which is the resultant magnetisation calculated from the macrospin model described in the supporting information for field applied 0-90 degree at 5 degree interval. 3) '002_data_FEM.mat' contains the resultant AMR, MMR, AHE and OHE calculated using the FEM model.


Software / Usage instructions

The str files can be imported in most FEI microscopes and give beam instructions for nanofabrication. The vtu files can be studied in Paraview. The dat files can be studied in Matlab


FEBID, nanofabrication, 3D nanomagnetism, 3D Spintronics