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An Archaeological Evaluation at Greenhouse Farm II, Fen Ditton, Cambridge

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Hatherley, Candy 


This report details the results of a series of archaeological monitoring visits to Hanson Brick Ltd, Bradley Fen site between the 5th of August and 30th of September. The area measured 2.8ha and involved the removal of Funthams Drain which ran centrally to the strip. The watching brief comprised two approaches: 1) examining the exposed peat surface after the topsoil had been removed for features and or artefacts; and 2) monitoring the exposed sections after the bulk removal at intermittent periods and observing soil sequences in order to locate archaeological levels and or artefacts. As part of this program a metal detector was used over the exposed peat surface, as well as vertically over the relevant 'bulk' faces. During the project 8 visits were made to the site. No significant prehistoric archaeological remains or deposits were located during the watching brief cover of Soil Strip 2002. The bulk section produced a sequence of deposits as had been previously recorded at the end of last phase of works - and as before the base of this section represented a later prehistoric land horizon. No prehistoric metalwork was found within the peat. Two find spots of Roman pottery, including the majority of a single Nene Valley colour-coated flanged bowl dated to 250-410AD (preferred date 4th century), were found at the very top of the peat horizon and immediately beneath the alluvial cover.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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