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Evaluation of the Perioperative and Postoperative Course of Surgery for Pineal Germinoma in the SIOP CNS GCT 96 Trial.

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Shabo, Ehab 
Mallucci, Conor 
Mottolese, Carmine 


BACKGROUND: CNS germinoma, being marker-negative, are mainly diagnosed by histological examination. These tumors predominantly appear in the suprasellar and/or pineal region. In contrast to the suprasellar region, where biopsy is the standard procedure in case of a suspected germ-cell tumor to avoid mutilation to the endocrine structures, pineal tumors are more accessible to primary resection. We evaluated the perioperative course of patients with pineal germinoma who were diagnosed by primary biopsy or resection in the SIOP CNS GCT 96 trial. METHODS: Overall, 235 patients had germinoma, with pineal localization in 113. The relationship between initial symptoms, tumor size, and postoperative complications was analyzed. RESULTS: Of 111 evaluable patients, initial symptoms were headache (n = 98), hydrocephalus (n = 93), double vision (n = 62), Parinaud syndrome (n = 57), and papilledema (n = 44). There was no significant relationship between tumor size and primary symptoms. A total of 57 patients underwent primary resection and 54 underwent biopsy. Postoperative complications were reported in 43.2% of patients after resection and in 11.4% after biopsy (p < 0.008). Biopsy was significantly more commonly performed on larger tumors (p= 0.002). CONCLUSIONS: These results support the practice of biopsy over resection for histological confirmation of pineal germinoma.



pineal germinoma, resection, biopsy, perioperative course, SIOP CNS GCT 96 trial

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Cancers (Basel)

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