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A shoreline land/seascape, with buildings, vegetation and small boats.


Drawing. [top left, vertical orientation]: Sent to my Martens' friend in England by Parry, Nov/33. 1833.11.

In the foreground, low rocks on the left-hand side face calm water on the right, which stretches into and across the midground, where two small sailing boats are just visible near the left-hand edge. The shoreline in the background is occupied by single-storey buildings along the left centre, and to the right a church with a square tower stands a few metres behind the shoreline. The landscape behind the shoreline consists of rounded hillocks, rising into hills on the right, with much taller pointed peaks faintly outlined further in the distance. There is some indication of vegetation -- small trees or bushes -- on the hillocks and hills on the right-hand side, and of two buildings on the hillock in the right centre of the picture. The sky contains some indistinct indication of clouds, and the sun is shining from behind Martens' vantage point.


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