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Further Evaluation Fieldwork at Arbury Camp, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge



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Evans, Christopher 
Knight, Mark 


This report presents the results of fieldwork carried out as part of an archaeological evaluation of the interior and eastern exterior of a large Iron Age ringwork known as Arbury Camp, a site situated off King's Hedges Road, Cambridge (TL 444 616). The work was completed between 19th and 30th of August 2002 on behalf of Gallagher Estates and Land Improvement Holdings The Ringwork trenching confirmed the initial results of the 1990 sample investigation by demonstrating the interior to be empty of settlement features. The East Field trenching located parts of a late fieldsystem picked up m the 1990 evaluation but no other significant features. The character of the deposits found within the Ringwork are the same as the deposits found outside across the East Field. The Perimeter Test-pitting located low densities of Roman pottery that correspond with the background scatter originally identified in 1990. The Watching Brief coverage of the re-routing of the electricity cables demonstrated that, in contrast with rest of the site, the Ringwork ditch has evidence of 'early' deposition.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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