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Emerging trends in the application of engineered timber in UK school buildings

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Bukauskas, A 
Jalia, A 
Shah, DU 
Ramage, MH 


The number of pupils in the UK school system has significantly increased in recent years, creating an urgent need for the construction of efficient and sustainable school structures. Here, we explore the potential of using engineered timber for the delivery of healthier and more sustainable school buildings. An in-depth analysis of case-studies is carried out, highlighting the superior performance of engineered timber, when compared to traditional construction materials, in terms of the construction process and associated carbon emissions. Emerging design approaches are identified, and we analyse the quality of the generated spaces. This study forms the basis for the development of a novel approach to the application of engineered timber in school buildings, allowing architectural design flexibility and exploring advanced fabrication and construction techniques.



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World Conference on Timber Engineering 2021, WCTE 2021

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