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Are there reliable constitutive laws for dynamic friction?

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Putelat, Thibaut 
McKay, Andrew 


Structural vibration controlled by interfacial friction is widespread, ranging from friction dampers in gas turbines to the motion of violin strings. To predict, control or prevent such vibration, a constitutive description of frictional interactions is inevitably required. A variety of friction models are discussed to assess their scope and validity, in the light of constraints provided by different experimental observations. Three contrasting case studies are used to illustrate how predicted behaviour can be extremely sensitive to the choice of frictional constitutive model, and to explore possible experimental paths to discriminate between and calibrate dynamic friction models over the full parameter range needed for real applications.



brake squeal, friction, rate-and-state, stick–slip, violin

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Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci

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The Royal Society
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/K003836/1)
A.M. and T.P., respectively, acknowledge support from the CUED EPSRC Doctoral Training award and the EPSRC programme grant ‘Engineering Nonlinearity’ (ref. EP/K003836/1).