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Transforming students' attitudes towards learning through the use of successful educational actions.

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Díez-Palomar, Javier  ORCID logo
García-Carrión, Rocío  ORCID logo
Hargreaves, Linda 
Vieites, María 


Previous research shows that there is a correlation between attitudes and academic achievement. In this article, we analyze for the first time the impact of interactive groups (IG) and dialogic literary gatherings (DLG) on the attitudes that students show towards learning. A quantitative approach has been performed using attitude tests validated by previous research. The data suggest that in both cases, the participants show positive attitudes. The social context has an important influence on students' attitudes. The items with higher correlations include group work, mutual support, and distributed cognition. In the case of IGs, group work is much more appreciated, while in the case of DLGs, self-image and self-confidence are the two most clearly valued attitudes. The positive impact of IGs and DLGs on students' attitudes may have potential for teachers in transforming their practices and decision-making within the classroom.



Achievement, Attitude, Female, Humans, Learning, Male, Models, Theoretical, Principal Component Analysis, Social Environment, Surveys and Questionnaires

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PLoS One

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Public Library of Science (PLoS)
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