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Research data supporting "An Experimental Investigation into the Dimensional Quality of the Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Process" (B.1)

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Zip folder containing high speed camera frames (.mp4 files) showing deposition of single strands at various printing parameters. Each video was filmed with a Chronos 1.4 high-speed camera from Kron Technologies which was positioned at 30 mm focal distance from the subject. The optical axis was carefully positioned parallel with the printing direction. An aspect ratio of 1280 x 1024, frame rate of 1069 FPS, with an exposure time of 545 μs was used.

The videos show displacements between material extrusion additive manufacturing machine's nozzle orifice centre and the deposited strand centre. The printing parameter combinations used are shown below.

a) PLA material, nozzle gap height 0.2 mm, and print head velocity 10 mm/s.

b) PLA material, nozzle gap height 0.2 mm, and print head velocity 20 mm/s.

c) PLA material, nozzle gap height 0.5 mm, and print head velocity 10 mm/s.


Software / Usage instructions

The videos were recorded using the Chronos 1.4 high speed camera. The videos were saved on the camera's SD card and subsequently exported as a .mp4 file. They were then edited using Windows FilmForth – Video Editor & Movie Maker.


Dimensional accuracy, Filament behaviour, Fused deposition modelling, Material extrusion additive manufacturing, Printing parameters


EPSRC (2116632)