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Radiologist opinions regarding reporting incidental coronary and cardiac calcification on thoracic CT.

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Williams, Michelle C  ORCID logo
Weir-McCall, Jonathan 
Moss, Alastair J 
Schmitt, Matthias 
Stirrup, James 


OBJECTIVES: Coronary and cardiac calcification are frequent incidental findings on non-gated thoracic computed tomography (CT). However, radiologist opinions and practices regarding the reporting of incidental calcification are poorly understood. METHODS: UK radiologists were invited to complete this online survey, organised by the British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (BSCI). Questions included anonymous information on subspecialty, level of training and reporting practices for incidental coronary artery, aortic valve, mitral and thoracic aorta calcification. RESULTS: The survey was completed by 200 respondents: 10% trainees and 90% consultants. Calcification was not reported by 11% for the coronary arteries, 22% for the aortic valve, 35% for the mitral valve and 37% for the thoracic aorta. Those who did not subspecialise in cardiac imaging were less likely to report coronary artery calcification (p = 0.005), aortic valve calcification (p = 0.001) or mitral valve calcification (p = 0.008), but there was no difference in the reporting of thoracic aorta calcification. Those who did not subspecialise in cardiac imaging were also less likely to provide management recommendations for coronary artery calcification (p < 0.001) or recommend echocardiography for aortic valve calcification (p < 0.001), but there was no difference for mitral valve or thoracic aorta recommendations. CONCLUSION: Incidental coronary artery, valvular and aorta calcification are frequently not reported on thoracic CT and there are differences in reporting practices based on subspeciality. ADVANCES IN KNOWLEDGE: On routine thoracic CT, 11% of radiologists do not report coronary artery calcification. Radiologist reporting practices vary depending on subspeciality but not level of training.



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