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Characterizing product-service systems in the healthcare industry - An internal stakeholder perspective

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Yip, MH 
Robert, DR 


This paper presents a preliminary productservice system (PSS) classification framework, which challenges the existing schemes that have not distinguished between service and intangible product. Two recently completed cases in the health information and communications technology (ICT) sector have revealed new dimensions for PSS classification from the perspective of internal stakeholders, that is those within the company who are directly involved in the new PSS development. These new dimensions are volume, value, and quality. Volume is the relative number of product / service elements in the PSS. Value is the relative product / service contribution to the worth of the PSS. Quality is the features, knowledge, skills and attitudes that affect the successful usage of the PSS. The findings also suggested that a PSS configuration might remain constant when the product and service proportions change. The results from these two cases have provided important directions for further work in PSS classification. Keywords



Product, Service, PSS, NPD, NSD, Stakeholder, ICT, Healthcare

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IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

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