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Alexandr Tarancheev, about evil spirits

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Alexandr talks about evil spirits and relays a story about a woman who became one: Before the war, there were many ‘dogam’ spirits on the steppe. People alleged to see them at night. Once a boy called Seryatir set out on a journey at night. In the middle of the steppe, near a well, he came across a girl whom he knew. The girl greeted him. He greeted her back. The girl came up to him and asked whether he could give her a ride home. Thinking that it was a spirit, the boy wanted to gallop away only to be stopped by the girl who grabbed his horse by its tail. The boy waved his whip at the girl and she disappeared. In the past, people attached camel’s wool to the end of their whip in order to protect themselves from evil spirits. People also used a tree called ‘tyavlgn’ for the same purpose. In Shebener lived a wealthy man who had countless sheep, cattle, as well as gold and silver. He and his wife were as greedy as they were wealthy. His wife died young and turned into a ‘dogam’ spirit.



Spirits, story

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