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Greatwall-Endos-PP2A/B55 Twins network regulates translation and stability of maternal transcripts in the Drosophila oocyte-to-embryo transition

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Bond, Laura 
Weil, Timothy T 


jats:p The transition from oocyte to embryo requires translation of maternally provided transcripts that in jats:italicDrosophila</jats:italic> is activated by Pan Gu kinase to release a rapid succession of 13 mitotic cycles. Mitotic entry is promoted by several protein kinases that include Greatwall/Mastl, whose Endosulfine substrates antagonize Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A), facilitating mitotic Cyclin-dependent kinase 1/Cyclin B kinase activity. Here we show that hyperactive jats:italic greatwall jats:supScant</jats:sup> </jats:italic> can not only be suppressed by mutants in its Endos substrate but also by mutants in Pan Gu kinase subunits. Conversely, mutants in jats:italicme31B</jats:italic> or jats:italictrailer hitch,</jats:italic> which encode a complex that represses hundreds of maternal mRNAs, enhance jats:italic greatwall jats:supScant</jats:sup> </jats:italic> . Me31B and Trailer Hitch proteins, known substrates of Pan Gu kinase, copurify with Endos. This echoes findings that budding yeast Dhh1, orthologue of Me31B, associates with Igo1/2, orthologues of Endos and substrates of the Rim15, orthologue of Greatwall. jats:italicendos-</jats:italic> derived mutant embryos show reduced Me31B and elevated transcripts for the mitotic activators Cyclin B, Polo and Twine/Cdc25. Together, our findings demonstrate a previously unappreciated conservation of the Greatwall–Endosulfine pathway in regulating translational repressors and its interactions with the Pan Gu kinase pathway to regulate translation and/or stability of maternal mRNAs upon egg activation. </jats:p>


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Pan Gu kinase, Greatwall, Endosulfine, Drosophila, maternal transcripts, oocyte-to-embryo transition

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Open Biology

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