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Subacute alpha frequency (10Hz) subthalamic stimulation for emotional processing in Parkinson's disease.

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Wang, Linbin 
Li, Jun 
Pan, Yixin 
Huang, Peng 
Li, Dianyou 


BACKGROUND: Psychiatric comorbidities are common in Parkinson's disease (PD) and may change with high-frequency stimulation targeting the subthalamic nucleus. Numerous accounts indicate subthalamic alpha-frequency oscillation is implicated in emotional processing. While intermittent alpha-frequency (10Hz) stimulation induces positive emotional effects, with more ventromedial contacts inducing larger effects, little is known about the subacute effect of ventral 10Hz subthalamic stimulation on emotional processing. OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESIS: To evaluate the subacute effect of 10Hz stimulation at bilateral ventral subthalamic nucleus on emotional processing in PD patients using an affective task, compared to that of clinical-frequency stimulation and off-stimulation. METHODS: Twenty PD patients with bilateral subthalamic deep brain stimulation for more than six months were tested with the affective task under three stimulation conditions (10Hz, 130Hz, and off-stimulation) in a double-blinded randomized design. RESULTS: While 130Hz stimulation reduced arousal ratings in all patients, 10Hz stimulation increased arousal selectively in patients with higher depression scores. Furthermore, 10Hz stimulation induced a positive shift in valence rating to negative emotional stimuli in patients with lower apathy scores, and 130Hz stimulation led to more positive valence to emotional stimuli in the patients with higher apathy scores. Notably, we found correlational relationships between stimulation site and affective rating: arousal ratings increase with stimulation from anterior to posterior site, and positive valence ratings increase with stimulation from dorsal to ventral site of the ventral subthalamic nucleus. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings highlight the distinctive role of 10Hz stimulation on subjective emotional experience and unveil the spatial organization of the stimulation effect.



Alpha frequency stimulation, Emotional processing, Parkinson's disease, Subthalamic nucleus, Humans, Apathy, Arousal, Deep Brain Stimulation, Emotions, Parkinson Disease, Subthalamic Nucleus

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Brain Stimul

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