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Dataset of Springer Nature Group related journals.

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Malin, Niamh 


This dataset compiles the identifying details of Springer Nature Group published journals. This covers journals published by Springer Nature, Nature Portfolio, Palgrave Macmillan, Springer, BioMed Central, and Scientific American, It accounts for both current (as of Oct. 22) and archived journals.

It compiles identifiers of each journal where possible: Title, Alternative title, eBook and Print ISSN, Title ID, Active years, Primary language, Publisher and imprint, Access type, Default licence and Platform URL.

In particular aid for Springer Negotiations of 2022/23, it identifies the ISSN used via (and Jisc) for relevant journals, a URL link to the editorial board of current journals, and a subject area has also been assigned to each journal.

This dataset is designed to further aid data analysis by universitites in preparations for the Springer Negotiations 2022/23 (following the success of the Elsevier Negotiations in 2021/22).

Further information and sources can be found in the attached ReadMe file. Both CSV and XLSX files contain the same data in two different formats.


Software / Usage instructions

Dataset opens with Microsoft Excel


BioMed Central, Journal Analysis, Nature Research Portfolio, Open Access, Springer Editors, Springer Nature Group, Springer Negotiations, Springer Publishing