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Research data supporting "Interfering Plasmons in Coupled Nanoresonators to Boost Light Localization and SERS"

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Zheng, Xuezhi 
Demetriadou, Angela 
Martinez, Alejandro 


Zip folder contains research data from every figure in the paper. Briefly, csv files contain the scattering boundary element method (BEM) simulation results of different size disks, experimental measurements of dark-field scattering of gold nanoparticle on a mirror and on a disk. Further, we enclosed the data from simulated eigenvalues, coupling efficiencies as well as a map of the total electric field for each plasmonic system. We enclose experiment data of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy of the constructs under study, as described in the linked manuscript and the predicted simulation data of the scattering and near-field enhancement of a nanoparticle placed at increasing radial positions on the disk. Lastly, we show remote excitation simulated data of the electric-field confinement in the gap for 0.8 NA Gaussian excitation onto the disk edge.


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Nanocavity, field enhancement, near-field, SERS, nano-optics, plasmon interference, remote excitation


We acknowledge support from the European Research Council (ERC) under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme THOR (829067) and POSEIDON (861950). We acknowledge funding from the EPSRC (Cambridge NanoDTC EP/L015978/1, EP/L027151/1, EP/S022953/1, EP/ P029426/1, and EP/R020965/1). R.C. acknowledges support from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. A.D. acknowledges support from the Royal Society University Research Fellowship URF/R1/180097 and the Royal Society Research Fellows Enhancement Award RGF/EA/181038.