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Hearing in Adults: A Digital Reprint of the Main Report From the MRC National Study of Hearing.

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Browning, George G 
Davis, Adrian C 
Haggard, Mark P 


The 1011-page book, Hearing in Adults, published in 1995, contains the fullest report of the United Kingdom’s Medical Research Council National Study of Hearing. It was designed to determine the prevalence and distribution in Great Britain of audiometrically measured hearing loss as a function of age, gender, occupation, and noise exposure. The study’s size, quality, and breadth made it unique when it was done in the 1980s. These qualities remain, and its data are still the primary U.K. source for the prevalence of auditory problems. However, only 550 copies were printed, and the book is essentially unobtainable today. We describe here a fully searchable, open-access, digital (PDF) “reprinting” of Hearing in Adults, summarizing the study’s design and the book’s contents, together with a brief commentary in the light of subsequent developments.



audiology, prevalence, hearing loss, Adult, Audiometry, Female, Hearing, Hearing Loss, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Prevalence, United Kingdom

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