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Ur Sar is celebrated in May. During this holiday we read prayers and perform a ritual for the spiritual masters of land and water in a designated place. We spread biscuits and sweets on the ground for insects and frogs to eat. After prayers we return home and have a celebration. Also, we perform a ritual of offering to the spiritual masters of water (lakes, rivers) every year. We kill a sheep by putting it on a white cloth sprinkled with liquid butter. White and red coins should be spread on that cloth. The sacrificial sheep is to be killed in a traditional way. Then we make a small boat and put four candles on each corner, put vodka, fruits, vegetables, the head of the sacrificial sheep, its skin, white and red coins, and push this boat to float in the water. What is left from the ritual, including the sheep’s bones, candles (every family brings their own candles) etc. is put on the fire and burnt. When all participants go home, a boy is left behind to look after the fire and make sure it burns safely.



Ur Sar, holiday, ritual, sheep, prayers

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