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Enabling the Circular Economy: An Exploratory Study on IP Challenges in Innovation Ecosystems

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Wangrin, Marc 
Vimalnath, Pratheeba 
Tietze, Frank 


This exploratory study provides an overview of circular economy related intellectual property (CEIP) challenges that actors in circular economy innovation ecosystems (CEIEs) face. Therefore, findings from a literature review are combined with empirical evidence from semi-structured interviews with different actors in CEIEs, including original equipment manufacturers as well as end-of-life solution providers of different company sizes and manufacturing industries. The key contributions of this paper to the literature are: (i) a preliminary framework to study IP challenges in CEIEs, (ii) the CEIP challenges framework which extends findings from the literature by categorising CEIP challenges mentioned in the conducted interviews and (iii) a visual representation of CEIP challenges in the aerospace industry.



Circular economy, Intellectual property, Innovation ecosystem

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