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Near-field photometric stereo in ambient light

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Logothetis, F 
Mecca, R 
Qu au, Y 


Shape recovery from shading information has recently regained importance due to the improvement towards making the Photometric Stereo technique more reliable in terms of appearance of reflective objects. However, although more advanced models have been lately proposed, 3D scanners based on this technology do not provide reliable reconstructions as long as the considered irradiance equation neglects any additive bias. Depending on the context, such bias assumes different physical meanings. For example, in murky water it is known as saturated backscattered effect or for acquisition in pure air medium it is known as ambient light. Although the theoretical part covers both cases, this work mostly focuses on the pure air acquisition case. Indeed, we present a new approach based on ratios of differences of images where an exhaustive set of physical features are tackled while dealing with Photometric Stereo acquisition with considerable importance for the ambient light. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt to recover the shape from Photometric Stereo considering simultaneously perspective viewing geometry, non-linear light propagation, both specular and diffuse reflectance plus the additive bias of the ambient light. Proof of concept is provided by showing experimental results on synthetic and real data.



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British Machine Vision Conference 2016, BMVC 2016

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British Machine Vision Conference 2016

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British Machine Vision Association
Roberto Mecca was supported through a Marie Curie fellowship of the "Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica”, Italy.