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Galina Kotinova, Kalmyk Ornaments

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Churyumov, Anton 


Galina shows a book titled The Kalmyk Traditional Ornaments by Grigoriy Vas’kin where all the pictures were drawn by Galina herself. She says that Kalmyk ornaments could be floral, geometric, zoomorphic, cultic, astral and alphabetic in form. Kalmyk men’s dress differs from that of women. Women’s dress has many geometric ornaments, the most popular beings the shape of the foal’s hooves. Men’s dress, in contrast, is abundant with floral ornaments. Ornaments are also used on wooden cups, tobacco pipes, and bortkha (a vessel to keep alcohol or milk products). Astral ornaments are used on leather goods, hats, tables and on goods made from felt. In terms of color, these ornaments are made from bright threads.




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