Research data supporting "How useful is religious language in children’s expressions of spirituality?"

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Rowland, Fay 

Four files comprising survey details and three files of data generated during empirical research at Wesley House, Cambridge. Primary-aged children from three settings (a Sunday school, an after-school club adjacent to a secular primary school, and a church school) chose prayers of various styles in response to a story. Their choices were correlated against setting, age etc, and the findings are noted in the papers which this dataset supports. The documents in this data set are:

  1. open format multi-page spreadsheet comprising the raw data (fully anonymised) as collected, arranged by prayer style, arranged by setting, and arranged by age, plus leaders' responses. Includes means, notes of anomalies, charts and comparisons.
  2. open format text document containing the respondents' composed prayers and comments. Foriegn-language and illegible responses have glosses where possible, and there are descriptions of drawn items. Each response includes the child's line from the spreadsheet showing the styles they chose in the main survey.
  3. open format text document containing the story, images and prayers used in the main survey. Includes a table for decoding the letters (ABCD) into styles (Formal, Poetic, Natural, Simple).
  4. open format text document containing age-appropriate consent form and additional data collected for correlation.

Author (Fay Rowland) ORCID: 0000-0003-0051-1639

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children, language, prayer, religious, spirituality