CamGrid: Experiences in constructing a university-wide, Condor-based grid at the University of Cambridge

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Calleja, Mark 
Beckles, B 
Keegan, M 
Hayes, Mark 
Parker, A 

In this article we describe recent work done in building a university-wide grid at the University of Cambridge based on the Condor middleware [1]. Once the issues of stakeholder concerns (e.g. security policies) and technical problems (e.g. firewalls and private IP addresses) have been taken into account, a solution based on two separate Condor environments was decided on. The first of these is a single large pool administered centrally by the University Computing Service (UCS) and the second a federated service of flocked Condor pools belonging to various departments and run over a Virtual Private Network (VPN). We report on the current status of this ongoing work.


Proceedings of the 2004 UK e-Science All Hands Meeting, 31st August - 3rd September, Nottingham UK

Condor, middleware, grid, security policies
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