Multiple Avalanche Processes in Acoustic Emission Spectroscopy: Multibranching of the Energy−Amplitude Scaling

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Chen, Y 
Gou, B 
Yuan, B 
Ding, X 
Sun, J 

jats:sec<jats:label />jats:pSeveral physical processes can conspire to generate avalanches in materials. Such processes include avalanche mechanisms like dislocation movements, friction processes by pinning magnetic domain walls, moving dislocation tangles, hole collapse in porous materials, collisions of ferroelectric and ferroelastic domain boundaries, kinks in interfaces, and many more. Known methods to distinguish between these species which allow the physical identification of multiavalanche processes are reviewed. A new approach where the scaling relationship between the avalanche energies jats:italicE</jats:italic> and amplitudes jats:italicA</jats:italic> is considered is then described. Avalanches with single mechanisms scale experimentally as jats:italicE</jats:italic> = jats:italicSjats:subi</jats:sub></jats:italic>jats:italicAjats:subi</jats:sub></jats:italic>jats:sup2</jats:sup>. The energy jats:italicE</jats:italic> reflects the duration jats:italicD</jats:italic> of the avalanche and jats:italicA</jats:italic>(jats:italict</jats:italic>), the temporal amplitude. The scaling prefactor jats:italicS</jats:italic> depends explicitly on the duration of the avalanche and on details of the avalanche profiles. It is reported that jats:italicS</jats:italic> is not a universal constant but assumes different values depending on the avalanche mechanism. If avalanches coincide, they can still show multivalued scaling between jats:italicE</jats:italic> and jats:italicA</jats:italic> with different jats:italicS</jats:italic>‐values for each branch. Examples for this multibranching effect in low‐Ni 316L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, polycrystalline Ni, TC21 titanium alloy, and a Fejats:sub40</jats:sub>Mnjats:sub40</jats:sub>Cojats:sub10</jats:sub>Crjats:sub10</jats:sub> high‐entropy alloy are shown.</jats:p></jats:sec>

acoustic emissions, avalanches, deformation mechanisms
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Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research
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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/P024904/1)
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