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Adjustment Weights 1891-1901 Scotland: Weights to adjust entrepreneur numbers for non-response and misallocation bias in Scottish Censuses 1891-1901

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Montebruno, Piero 
Van Lieshout, Carry  ORCID logo
Smith, Harry 


This dataset contains Adjustment Weights for the 1891-1901 Scottish censuses and corresponds to Supplementary material for the paper "The Population of Non-corporate Business Proprietors in England and Wales 1891-1911", by Bennett, Robert J., Montebruno, Piero, Smith, Harry J. as an outcome of the ESRC project ES/M010953: Drivers of Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses PI Prof. Robert J. Bennett. The material consists of two raw text files 1. 1891 Employment status & Weights 2. 1901 Employment status & Weights. Each file has the three following variables: 1. RecID: the ID for I-CEM as in Higgs, Edward and Schürer, Kevin (University of Essex) (2014) The Integrated Census Microdata (I-CeM) UKDA, SN-7481 [data collection] UK Data Service SN: 7481 2. Employment status: 1 Worker 2 Employer 3 Own-account 3. Weights: the inverse of the probability of giving an answer to the Employment Status question of the censuses by Sex and Relationship to the head of the family. A detailed explanation of how these weights were calculated and how to use them in the context of data analysis of this censuses can be found in the accompanying working paper, Montebruno, Piero (2018) ‘Adjustment Weights 1891-1911: Weights to adjust entrepreneurs taking account of non-response and misallocation bias in Censuses 1891-1911’, Working Paper 11: ESRC project ES/M010953: ‘Drivers of Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses’, University of Cambridge, Department of Geography and Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure. The files can be opened by any text editor, database management system (Access) or statistical package (Stata, SPSS). This dataset should be cited as 'Adjustment Weights 1891-1911, used for "WP 20: Preparing Scottish census data in I-CeM for the British Business Census of Entrepreneurs (BBCE) Harry Smith, Carry van Lieshout, Piero Montebruno, and Bob Bennett"' Please cite using its DOI.


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Entrepreneurship,, Small businesses, Self-employment, Census, Non-response bias, Mis-allocation bias


Economic and Social Research Council (ES/M010953/1)
Isaac Newton Trust (18.40(g))