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Research data supporting Tunable bioactivity and mechanics of collagen-based tissue engineering constructs: A comparison of EDC-NHS, genipin and TG2 crosslinkers

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Johal, Ramneek 
Hamaia, Samir 


The following data files are provided: Python files containing the raw data plotted to obtain 1) for degree of crosslinking 2) for average tensile modulus 3) for LDH cell adhesion assay 4) for MTS cell proliferation assay 5) for LDH cytotoxicity assay 6) for quantitative cell values 7) Raw Mechanical Testing Data.xls for raw mechanical testing data and film measurements 8) Cell for live-dead imaging and cell spreading images 9) for the cycle threshold for GAPDH and the Col-I genes 10) for the raw values of the MMP-1 protein expression. 11) for the raw values of the water uptake of the collagen films. Please see the manuscript for further details.


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Python, Excel


Crosslinking, Genipin, EDC-NHS, TG2


European Research Council (320598)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/N019938/1)
Geistlich Pharma AG, Gates Cambridge Trust
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