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New Prison at Former Rockwell and APV Work, Westfield Road, Peterborough



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Knight, Mark 


An excavation within the grounds of the former Rockwell and APV Works, on behalf of HM Prison Service, has revealed parts of Peterborough's prehistoric landscape. At the same time as replicating regionally characteristic patterns of Bronze Age inhabitation, the site represents a crucial upland contrast to predominant fen-edge observations. Within the excavation area isolated Neolithic and Early Bronze Age pits demonstrate sporadic episodes of occupation of the site prior to the construction of field and settlement boundaries around the Middle Bronze Age. Narrow linear ditches marked the edges of fields, whilst larger detached boundaries gave definition to discrete areas of settlement. Both types of boundary remained 'clean' until the Latter part of the Bronze Age when material from adjacent settlement activity found its way into the upper profiles of the ditches. Large wells, burnt stone pits, hearths and a four-post structure characterised the settlement evidence.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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