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“Mixed” Sexual Offending Against Both Children and Adults: An Empirical Comparison With Individuals Who Exclusively Offended Against Child or Adult Victims

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Lösel, F 


jats:p Individuals who sexually offended against both children and adults might be particularly dangerous. However, studies on this group are rare due to methodological difficulties. We investigated adverse childhood experiences, criminological variables, and other characteristics as well as recidivism in individuals who sexually offended against mixed-aged victims (ISOMAVs) compared to individuals who exclusively offended against adults (ISOAs) or children (ISOCs). Compared to previous studies, we applied more stringent classification criteria by including only individuals with at least two past sexual offenses. Analyses revealed that ISOMAVs more often had an extensive history of sexual offending. In addition, they were more likely than ISOAs to assault males, and more likely than ISOCs to assault strangers. Violent reoffending was more common in ISOMAVs compared to ISOCs, but ISOMAVs showed no more sexual recidivism. Other findings, limitations, and implications for research and practice are discussed. </jats:p>


Funder: Bavarian State Ministry of Justice (Germany)


sexual offending, victim age, mixed-aged victims, adult victims, child victims

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Criminal Justice and Behavior

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